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Coloured Non-Prescription Contact Lenses

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1 Day Acuvue Define non-prescription (30 Pack)

New 1 DAY ACUVUE® DEFINE™with LACREON® contact lenses help enhance the natural beauty ..

From $40.76

Air Optix Colors non-prescription (2 pack)

Alcon (formerly CIBA VISION) Air Optix Colors contact lenses allows you to change the colo..

From $62.70

ColourVUE 3 Tones non-prescription (2 pack)

The ColourVUE 3 Tones non-prescription collection enhances your eyes with a subtle blending pattern ..

From $33.88

ColourVUE Basic non-prescription (2 pack)

Are you looking to buy Basic contact lenses online? Look no further than ColourVUE’s basic con..

From $33.88

ColourVUE Big Eyes non-prescription (2 pack)

The ColourVUE Big Eyes effect non-prescription lenses make your eyes look bigger and brighter with a..

From $33.88
ColourVUE Cheerful non-prescription (2 pack) New

ColourVUE Cheerful non-prescription (2 pack)

Cheer up no matter what’s ahead for the day. A pair of ColourVUE Cheerful lenses will brighten..

From $23.10
ColourVUE Fizzy non-prescription (2 pack) New

ColourVUE Fizzy non-prescription (2 pack)

The lifestyle lens – Fizzy is here to give you a captivating look. Fizzy is the latest collect..

From $23.10

ColourVUE Fusion non-prescription (2 pack)

The ColourVUE Fusion in non-prescription offers a creative mix of colours that form beautiful shades..

From $33.88

ColourVUE Glamour non-prescription (2 pack)

The ColourVUE Glamour non-prescription range offers a more vivid colour change with a black outer ci..

From $33.88

ColourVUE Stars & Jewels non-prescription (2 pack)

The ColourVUE unique Stars & Jewels series makes your party and weekend a real stars & jewel..

From $33.88

ColourVUE TruBlends One-Day non-prescription (10 pack)

Are you looking for bright coloured contact lenses that don’t compromise on quality? You&rsquo..

From $23.10

DAILIES Freshlook Illuminate non-prescription (30 pack)

Alcon (formerly CIBA VISION) DAILIES® Freshlook® Illuminate (30 pack) - a single-u..

From $37.10

Freshlook Colorblends non-prescription (2 pack)

Alcon (formerly CIBA VISION) Freshlook® Colorblends non-prescription (2 pack) - a fort..

From $47.03

Freshlook Colors non-prescription (2 pack)

Alcon (formerly CIBA VISION) Freshlook® Colors non-prescription Contact Lenses (2 pack..

From $47.03

Freshlook Dimensions non-prescription (6 pack)

Alcon (formerly CIBA VISION) Freshlook® Dimensions Coloured Contact Lenses (6 pack) - ..

From $80.47

Freshlook One-Day non-prescription (10 pack)

Alcon (formerly CIBA VISION) Freshlook® One-Day non-prescription (10 pack) - a single-..

From $20.38

At eContact Lenses we also stock a range of non-prescription coloured contacts from ColourVUE, FreshLook and Acuvue. If you have ever wanted to change the colour of your eyes, now you can with our easy and affordable option, great for costumes, special occasions or everyday wear. All our products come with a 100% money back guarantee and $9.95 flat rate express post shipping. You can now buy coloured non-prescription contact lenses online with eContact Lenses.