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1-Day ACUVUE DEFINE (30 Pack)

Price: $43.00
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4 or more: $40.85

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How do I read my contact lens prescription?

New 1 DAY ACUVUE® DEFINE™with LACREON® contact lenses help enhance the natural beauty of your eyes by adding depth and greater definition.


  • Sophisticated pattern inspired by the Natural Iris - replicates the patterns found in the natural iris, providing depth to the eyes
  • Smooth Edge - clean edge meets sclera, enhances definition and makes the eyes more distinctive
  • Varying Translucency - provides better blending with the sclera, and makes the eyes shine
  • End of day comfort with LACREON® technology - contact lenses have a locked-in wetting agent which creates a moisture cushion
  • Beauty Wrapped In Comfort™ Technology embeds the colourants between two thin, transparent layers of lens material made of Etafilcon A. This unique technology maintains your eye health by preventing the colourants from coming into contact with the eyes

Accent: Enlarge and define your eyes with elegant Accent Style
Vivid: Enlarge and brighten your eyes with lively Vivid Style
Natural Shine: Enlarge and contrast your eyes with striking Natural Shine
Natural Sparkle: Brighten your eyes with expressive Natural Sparkle *discontinued
Natural Shimmer: Highlight and sharpen your eyes with distinctive Natural Shimmer *discontinued

BC: 8.5
DIA: 14.2

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