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Freshlook Contact Lenses

Buy Freshlook Cosmetic contact lenses online and enjoy an array of colours, patterns and styles that provide the ability to change, enhance or illuminate your natural eye colour. When you choose Freshlook contact lenses, you can choose from three styles - Freshlook ColourblendsR, Freshlook Radiance™ and Freshlook Dimensions™.

 Freshlook ColourblendsR uses a three-in-one technology that blends three colours into one for a subtle change in colour. The three-in-one technology creates a natural depth to form beautiful eyes and lasting impressions. The Freshlook Radiance™ on the other hand has been designed to illuminate your eyes without changing their natural colour.  It uses a unique translucent layer that reflects light which in turn gives eyes a pearlescent look. Finally the Freshlook Dimensions™ enhances and defines your eyes - combining a charcoal outer starburst pattern that makes your eyes look bigger and brighter

The Freshlook cosmetic contact lenses have a wide variety of options to suit all eye conditions, shapes and styles. The lenses give you the opportunity to experiment with quality, soft lenses that are available for myopic (short-sighted) or hyperopic (long-sighted) wearers. What better brand to enhance, change or illuminate your eye colour? To buy Freshlook contact lenses online, eContactLenses.com.au is your best option for a fast and reliable delivery!  

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DAILIES Freshlook Illuminate (30 pack)
Alcon (formerly CIBA VISION) DAILIES® Freshlook® Illuminate (30 pack) - a single-u..
From: $33.73
DAILIES Freshlook Illuminate non-prescription (30 pack)
Alcon (formerly CIBA VISION) DAILIES® Freshlook® Illuminate (30 pack) - a single-u..
From: $37.10
Freshlook Colorblends (2 pack)
Alcon (formerly CIBA VISION) Freshlook® Colorblends(2 pack) - a fortnightly cosmetic d..
From: $42.75
Based on 3 reviews.
Freshlook Colorblends non-prescription (2 pack)
Alcon (formerly CIBA VISION) Freshlook® Colorblends non-prescription (2 pack) - a fort..
From: $47.03
Freshlook Colors (2 pack)
Alcon (formerly CIBA VISION) Freshlook® Colors Contact Lenses (2 pack) - a fortnightly..
From: $42.75
Based on 1 reviews.
Freshlook Colors non-prescription (2 pack)
Alcon (formerly CIBA VISION) Freshlook® Colors non-prescription Contact Lenses (2 pack..
From: $47.03
Freshlook Dimensions (6 pack)
Alcon (formerly CIBA VISION) Freshlook® Dimensions Coloured Contact Lenses (6 pack) - ..
From: $73.15
Freshlook Dimensions non-prescription (6 pack)
Alcon (formerly CIBA VISION) Freshlook® Dimensions Coloured Contact Lenses (6 pack) - ..
From: $80.47
Freshlook One-Day (10 pack)
Alcon (formerly CIBA VISION) Freshlook® One-Day Coloured Contact Lens (10 pack) - a si..
From: $18.53
Based on 4 reviews.
Freshlook One-Day non-prescription (10 pack)
Alcon (formerly CIBA VISION) Freshlook® One-Day non-prescription (10 pack) - a single-..
From: $20.38