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1 Day Acuvue Define (30 Pack)

New 1 DAY ACUVUE® DEFINE™with LACREON® contact lenses help enhance the natural beauty of your eyes b..

From $40.85

Air Optix Colors (2 pack)

Alcon (formerly CIBA VISION) Air Optix Colors contact lenses allows you to change the..

From $57.00

Air Optix Colors non-prescription (2 pack)

Alcon (formerly CIBA VISION) Air Optix Colors contact lenses allows you to change the colo..

From $62.70

ColourVUE 3 Tones (2 pack)

Do you want to add a touch of rich colour to your eyes without standing out too much? Buy 3 Tones Co..

From $30.80

ColourVUE 3 Tones non-prescription (2 pack)

The ColourVUE 3 Tones non-prescription collection enhances your eyes with a subtle blending pattern ..

From $33.88
ColourVUE Basic non-prescription (2 pack) Discontinued

ColourVUE Basic non-prescription (2 pack)

Are you looking to buy Basic contact lenses online? Look no further than ColourVUE’s basic con..

From $33.88

ColourVUE Big Eyes (2 pack)

Are you looking for contact lenses to give you a bigger and brighter look? You can now buy BigEyes c..

From $30.80

ColourVUE Big Eyes non-prescription (2 pack)

The ColourVUE Big Eyes effect non-prescription lenses make your eyes look bigger and brighter with a..

From $33.88
ColourVUE Cheerful (2 pack) Discontinued

ColourVUE Cheerful (2 pack)

Note: Please note that this product is custom made and can take up to 4 weeks.Cheer up no matter wha..

From $21.00
ColourVUE Cheerful non-prescription (2 pack) New

ColourVUE Cheerful non-prescription (2 pack)

Cheer up no matter what’s ahead for the day. A pair of ColourVUE Cheerful lenses will brighten..

From $23.10
ColourVUE EyeLush (2 pack) Discontinued

ColourVUE EyeLush (2 pack)

Are you looking for the perfect contact lenses that will guarantee a deep and luscious look, while s..

From $30.80
ColourVUE Fizzy (2 pack) New Discontinued

ColourVUE Fizzy (2 pack)

Note: Please note that this product is custom made and can take up to 4 weeks.The lifestyle lens – F..

From $21.00
ColourVUE Fizzy non-prescription (2 pack) New

ColourVUE Fizzy non-prescription (2 pack)

The lifestyle lens – Fizzy is here to give you a captivating look. Fizzy is the latest collect..

From $23.10
ColourVUE Fusion (2 pack) Discontinued

ColourVUE Fusion (2 pack)

Complete your look by enhancing your eyes with ColourVUE’s Fusion range!The Fusion contact..

From $30.80
ColourVUE Fusion non-prescription (2 pack) Discontinued

ColourVUE Fusion non-prescription (2 pack)

The ColourVUE Fusion in non-prescription offers a creative mix of colours that form beautiful shades..

From $33.88

ColourVUE Glamour (2 pack)

If you’re looking to add a touch of glamour to your life, it’s time to try coloured cont..

From $30.80

ColourVUE Glamour non-prescription (2 pack)

The ColourVUE Glamour non-prescription range offers a more vivid colour change with a black outer ci..

From $33.88
ColourVUE Stars & Jewels non-prescription (2 pack) Discontinued

ColourVUE Stars & Jewels non-prescription (2 pack)

The ColourVUE unique Stars & Jewels series makes your party and weekend a real stars & jewel..

From $33.88

ColourVUE TruBlends One-Day (10 pack)

When you buy TruBlends One-Day contact lenses online, you can enjoy a striking colour change with th..

From $21.00

ColourVUE TruBlends One-Day non-prescription (10 pack)

Are you looking for bright coloured contact lenses that don’t compromise on quality? You’re in luck!..

From $23.10

Crazy Glow Lens non-prescription (2 pack) - 9 designs

ColourVUE Crazy Glow non-prescription lenses glow under UV light. For the most dramatic effect, choo..

From $37.80

Crazy Lens Prescription (2 pack) - 8 designs

The ColourVUE Crazy Lens range has selected styles available in prescription. Crazy lenses can be wo..

From $30.80

Crazy Mini Sclera Lens non-prescription (2 pack) - 10 designs

ColourVUE Mini Sclera non-prescription lenses are a larger lens which provides greater coverage of t..

From $37.80
DAILIES Freshlook Illuminate (30 pack) Discontinued

DAILIES Freshlook Illuminate (30 pack)

Alcon (formerly CIBA VISION) DAILIES® Freshlook® Illuminate (30 pack) - a single-u..

From $33.73