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Are Coloured Contact Lenses Safe?

Posted by techmatters 26/09/2019 0 Comment(s) Coloured Contact Lenses,

Have you thought about trying coloured contact lenses but have been worried about whether they are safe to use or not? Coloured contact lenses are perfectly safe to use and are a great option for eyesight correction as well as having a new or brighter eye colour. Provided you follow the safety and care instructions, you shouldn’t have a problem using coloured contact lenses safely.

How Do You Ensure That Coloured Contact Lenses are Safe to Use?

Buy your contact lenses from a reputable contact lens supplier.

It is important that you purchase your coloured contact lenses from a reputable contact lens supplier. Avoid purchasing contact lenses from souvenir shops and costume suppliers, etc. Contact lenses are medical devices, so it’s important that you buy quality lenses.

Choose well-known brands who make high quality contact lenses.

It’s important that you choose a brand that is reputable and experienced in manufacturing contact lenses. Remember you are putting these in your eyes, so you want the best! High quality brands include Acuvue, Freshlook, ColourVUE and Air Optix. Avoid purchasing brands that only make non-prescription coloured or costume lenses as these are not generally made to medical standards.

Price is not the most important thing.

Choose quality over price. Don’t just look for the cheapest lenses you can find. Buying on price alone can get you inferior lenses that are not made to Australian standards. These low-grade products increase the risk of eye injury and infection, due to poor fit and lack of oxygen permeability.

Get an eye test before purchasing your coloured contact lenses.

Whether your coloured contact lenses are for cosmetic purposes or contain prescription, it’s important to see an optometrist for an eye test prior to purchasing coloured contact lenses. This ensures not only the best fit but will also determine if you have any pre-existing eye and ocular conditions. Ensuring your eyes are healthy and that your contact lenses will fit well will ensure you have a positive experience with your contact lenses.

Take care of your coloured contact lenses.

If you are using reusable contact lenses, make sure you follow the care instructions on the packaging. It is important that your contacts do not become contaminated as this can cause eye irritation or infection. You should also remember to change and replace your coloured contact lenses according to the appropriate schedule. It is also important not to wear your contact lenses overnight.

Do not wear contact lenses if you have sore or irritated eyes.

If your eyes feel sore or irritated, do not use your contact lenses. This could be a sign of a contact lens infection so using the lenses will only make it worse. If your lenses start to feel uncomfortable, take them out! It’s important you see an optometrist if you are suffering from sore eyes or irritation.

Practise good hygiene.

It’s really important when handling your contact lenses that your hands have been washed with warm, soapy water and dried with a lint-free towel. It is also important not to re-use contact lens solution. Use fresh solution every time you place your contact lenses in their case and always follow the expiration date on your lens cleaning solutions.

Do not share your contact lenses.

While swapping eye colours with your friends sounds like fun, you should never do this. Swapping contact lenses can result in transmitting bacteria which can cause serious eye infections.

Are there non-prescription coloured contact lenses available?

Yes, coloured contact lenses are available in prescription and non-prescription form. If you are using non-prescription lenses, it is still important to get an eye test.

eContactLenses range of coloured contact lenses.

Whether your eyesight needs correction or you just want to change your eye colour, eContactLenses has an extensive range of prescription and non-prescription coloured contact lenses.