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Why You Should Avoid Touching Your Eyes

Posted by techmatters 25/02/2015 0 Comment(s)

Contact lens wearer or not, hygiene is critical when your fingers are heading anywhere near your eyes. At any time, when you go to handle your contacts, touch or even just rub your eyes, you must first wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water ensuring all residue has been washed off and then dry them carefully. It seems obvious but you’ll be surprised how many people could easily avoid frequent discomfort or even infections by carefully considering the contact they make with their eyes.

Thousands of bacteria live on your hands and face, your towel, even in water and on every surface imaginable. Many of these harmful bacteria that do not belong in your eyes will make their way there if you do not practice proper hygiene routines. Most often a lack of hygiene will lead to a nasty eye infection and you will have to go on a course of antibiotics. However, worse than this is the potential for a microorganism bacteria or parasite to make its way into your eye and cause an untreatable and irreversible loss of sight. As chilling as that might sound, using contacts is not unsafe at all if you are diligent with your hygiene practices.

Next to hygiene problems, there is damage to the eye tissues and surrounding skin that can occur if you’re poking around or rubbing your eyes too much. It can cause the tiny blood vessels to break, giving you unsightly bloodshot eyes. The skin around your eyes is also very thin and delicate, and excess rubbing and pressure to your eyes will bruise the area, making dark circles worse. If there is makeup, debris or a foreign object in your eye, then rubbing could in fact scratch your eye, or cause problems that cause you loss of vision.

Our body’s natural reaction to something foreign in the eye is to flush it out with tears. Therefore, if something is in there, then its best to flush with a sterile saline solution. If this does not work and you still feel as though there is something in your eye then you must see an optometrist rather than continue to rub your eyes.

More often than not the natural tears or saline solution would have removed what was in there in the first place, however the rubbing will have caused a lot of irritation, leaving you with that feeling that something is still in there. If you have tried relief from lubricating antihistamine eye drops, then try laying down calmly with your eyes closed and still to relieve the irritation.

Whenever you are even thinking about touching your eyes, think again and prevent problems that could result in infections, eye health damage and permanent reduction or loss of vision. Always keep the right cleaning solutions and eye drops on hand, check out our range on the website -