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Tips for Cleaning & Caring for Contact Lenses

Posted by techmatters 04/02/2015 0 Comment(s)

Cleaning your contact lenses after each use may be slightly inconvenient but it is a crucial task in order to care for your eyes and considerably reduce the risk of pain, discomfort, infections and in serious cases loss of vision. Many harmful and sight damaging bacteria and parasites can get into the eye via the lens by dirty hands, water, and lack of care when handling lenses. This is why it is important to make sure your contact lenses are handled, cleaned, disinfected and stored properly using a solution specifically designed for this purpose.

Here are 10 tips to remember when cleaning and caring for your contact lenses:

# Tip 1 – Avoid using moisturising soaps and lotions before handling contacts. Dirt, makeup, towel lint, soap residues and lotions are all common causes for pain and irritation when inserting the lenses.

# Tip 2 – Remove, handle and clean lenses one at a time. Over-handling lenses can cause them damage or to dry out which will cause irritation.

# Tip 3 – Don’t skip on cleaning, always follow directions on the packaging of lenses and solution products as well as the methods that your optometrist has shown you.

# Tip 4 – Always rub each of your lenses with a few drops of solution in the palm of your hand before rinsing. Rinsing alone is not enough to loosen and remove debris and proteins from lenses.

# Tip 5 – Never rinse or store your lenses with water, only use solution designed for this purpose. Harmful bacteria and microorganisms that can cause you irritation, damage and even loss of sight can be lurking in water, and rinsing them this way can aid in the transfer into your eye.

# Tip 6 – Replace the disinfecting storage solution in the cases each and every time. By only topping up the solution, bacteria can be harboured and this can start the growth of eye infection causing bacteria.

# Tip 7 – Keep saline or solutions handy to keep eyes moist and avoid irritations. This will also help to keep contacts in better condition for ease of taking out and putting back in.

# Tip 8 – Only wear your lenses for their prescribed length of time and if in doubt throw them out and use a fresh pair.

# Tip 9 – It is a good idea to replace the lens case frequently. Even if you consciously clean it, there is always a chance of bacteria build up, particularly if you keep cases over 6 – 12 months.

# Tip 10 – Lens prescriptions only last one year, make sure you book in for a visit with your optometrist at least once a year. Furthermore, if you find regular irritation is occurring, get in contact with an eye care professional right away.

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