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Focus Dailies Progressive All Day Comfort

Posted by techmatters 28/09/2015 0 Comment(s)

What are progressive lenses?

Progressive lenses are multifocal lenses, with multiple prescriptions in the one lens. Usually there will be one prescription for close up work, one for normal viewing and another for intermediate distances.

All Day Comfort
Since contact lenses first entered the market, technology has advanced at such a rapid rate that daily-wear lenses are now the far superior option to monthly contact lenses. As more people make the switch from glasses to contact lenses, daily contact lenses have seen a huge growth in popularity. As the preferred contact lens for daily wear, read on to find out why you should make the switch to Focus Dailies Progressive All Day Comfort for daily wear contact lenses.

Moisture-lock technology
The latest model in the Focus Dailies range, the All Day Comfort contact lenses, are the most advanced lenses yet, capable of moisturising the eye while they’re being worn. Each time the wearer blinks, Focus Dailies All Day Comfort contact lenses causes a small tear which spreads over the surface of the eye and keeps it moist. Besides this, there are a few other reasons to start wearing these contact lenses.

Minimal Care
Monthly and fortnightly contact lenses lack the convenience of daily contact lenses for the obvious reason that they need to be cleaned and sanitised every time they’re removed from the eye, and stored in cleaning solution. This can be a huge hassle for those poor on time who don’t want to take short-cuts in ensuring the optimal health of their eyes. For a fuss-free solution, try Focus Dailies Progressive All Day Comfort lenses. With these daily wear lenses, you can simply dispose of them immediately after use and avoid having to spend your time ensuring proper cleanliness of the lenses. The convenience of Focus Dailies daily wear lenses also means that you don’t need to worry about the risk of getting an eye infection with the peace of mind knowing that each time you put in your contact lenses, you’re putting in a fresh pair.

Ease of Use
If you live an active lifestyle, it can be a significant hindrance having to check that you constantly have contact solution and other sanitising products on-hand if needed. If a substance like sweat or dirt gets into your eye, the hassle to take out the contaminated lenses immediately can be a problem if you don’t have a spare pair of glasses with you at the time. With Focus Dailies Progressive All Day Comfort, you can take out your dirty lenses, put in a new pair, and continue on with your day. This makes Focus Dailies daily wear contact lenses particularly ideal for those who play a lot of sport or spend a significant part of their day exercising.

If you’re looking for contact lenses that deliver on both convenience and comfort, look no further than Focus Dailies Progressive All Day Comfort contact lenses. Not only will they keep your eyes moist with little maintenance required, they are incredibly affordable and available in both 30 pack and 90 pack options.