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10 Makeup Tricks for Regular Contact-Lens Wearers

Posted by techmatters 13/11/2015 0 Comment(s)

If you’re a frequent contact lens wearer but are yet to conquer that art of applying contact lenses and make up simultaneously, here’s a few useful makeup tricks to reduce the risk of eye infection or contact lens damage:

Where to start?

As obvious as it may sound, in the rush of everyday life many contact lens wearers forget to thoroughly wash their hands prior to inserting contact lenses and applying makeup. Believe it or not, your hands are the perfect breeding ground for bacteria, which can be easily transferred to your eyes when applying contact lenses.

What goes first?

Although many contact lens wearers are under the impression that applying makeup prior to contact lenses will reduce the risk of loose powder falling into the eye and causing infection, this is not the case. Despite popular belief, it is safest and easiest to apply contact lenses first. Why, you may ask? Despite the most obvious reason being that you can actually see what you’re doing when applying makeup, it will also ensure no makeup residue is transferred to your eye, causing irritation and infection. Just remember, contact lenses should always be the firsZ:\Clients\E\\_DMC\Content Writing as "[Draft] Brand Category Descriptiont to go in and the first to come out. So, what make up is most suitable for frequent contact lens wearers?

Water based v. oil based: An ongoing feud

For centuries, ladies with lenses have pondered the oh-so important question: oil based or water based makeup? Where eye irritation can occur, oil-based makeup might not be the best decision. However, water based products can cause irritation to the skin, leaving bumps and acne depending on the skin type. It’s a decision nobody wants to make: beauty or pain?

As the ultimate makeup trick, here’s what eContactLenses recommend: For coverage surrounding the eyes, such as concealer, highlighters and eye-shadow, use water based products to reduce the risk of irritation or infection. For coverage around the face where acne is concerned, we recommend using oil-free products, which will reduce the risk of eye and skin irritation if you’re acne prone. 

Eye-shadows, Eyeliner and Mascaras: General ‘Good-To-Know’ Makeup Tricks

First things first: eye-shadow. At this points it’s probably useless to tell you to avoid loose powders. There’s really no need to bring up bad memories. Cream eye shadow is the best choice for frequent contact lens wearers as it’s easier to apply and you don’t have to worry about fall out getting trapped in your contact lenses and causing infection. Pressed powders are a little more risky to apply, however they’re less likely to cause infection.  

Now, eyeliner. Gel and liquid eyeliners are a bit trickier to use, but you have a very minimal chance of it getting into your eye. Crayons and pencils, unlike their liquid counterparts, drops small shards into the eye when used. If possible, we suggest avoiding eye liner altogether, however if it’s a non-negotiable step in your morning beauty routine, our most important piece of advice is to avoid applying eyeliner to your waterline (unfortunately there’s no way of avoiding this getting in your eye).

Finally, the oh-so-feared mascara. Be cautious here and avoid fibre lash products at all costs. They create small fibres which can fall into your eye, creating more tears than Nicholas Sparks ever could. In addition to this, be sure to replace your mascara every two months, even before its expiration date. Older mascaras can cause a bacteria build-up which can be incredibly uncomfortable.

Juggling contact lenses and make up is a skill that very few have mastered to date. However, by knowing a few fundamental makeup tricks as well as the most suitable types of makeup to use, you can significantly reduce the risk of eye infection.

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