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Common Myths About Using Contact Lenses

Posted by techmatters 04/03/2015 0 Comment(s)

With over 20 years experience working with contact lenses, instructing new patients and helping them to overcome contact lens uncertainties, we have come across a number of common myths and wives’ tales that surround the use contact lenses.

Here is the truth behind the lens:

  • Many first timers are concerned that their new contact lenses are going to move around the eye frequently, slide to the back and get stuck or lost. This is impossible as the eye has a conjunctival membrane that covers the white part and connects inside the eyelid creating a physical barrier which prevents this from being possible. This myth is likely to have started as a result of conjunctivitis or other infections in the eyelid caused by poor contact lens hygiene and maintenance, wrongly believed to be a reaction to the contact being lodged behind the eye.
  • A contact lens is not like a suction cap and it will not get stuck to your eye. Contact lenses are designed to be able to come off the eye easily with your fingertips. If they do become dry and stubborn, a few drops of wetting solution should gently free them up.
  • It is also very unlikely that modern soft contact lenses will fall or pop out of your eye without reason and leave you searching on the ground for them. If you are using the correct lenses you should be able to wear them for long periods of time without even noticing them. Contact lens technology has advanced tenfold over time and with modern soft contacts this should not be an issue. Wearing the correct fitting lenses is key to attaining the greatest comfort and benefit. At we sell the widest range of contact lenses at competitive prices and fulfill all prescriptions with genuine products.  
  • Contact lenses are suitable for most eye conditions. As technology has progressed the people and conditions contact lenses can treat has expanded. Multifocal and Toric or Astigmatism lenses are commonplace nowadays. Multifocal contact lenses are designed to treat issues related to Presbyopia, a common midlife issue where the eye loses the ability to focus. Multifocals are prescription lenses that have two different prescriptions in one, allowing for both close reading and distance vision. Toric lenses are purposely shaped to cater for the different curvature of the cornea known as Astigmatism. Toric lenses make allowance for the way Astigmatism effects light absorption and creates clearer vision.
  • Modern contact lenses are more forgiving on dryer eyes, an everyday symptom of aging. With premium contact lens solution and the more forgiving designs of lenses, you can experience the benefits at any age. It is highly recommended to treat dry eyes before the use of contact lenses, however many people can get away with more modern products such as silicone hydrogel contact lenses as they are low water content, high oxygen permeable lenses which tend to have less problems with evaporation and dehydration.

Putting in contact lenses within the first few weeks can be daunting, time-consuming and even stressful. By getting to the bottom of these common myths or concerns we are hoping to help reduce any anxieties and make the process as easy as possible. prides itself on fantastic customer support and guarantees 100% customer satisfaction and we are here to assist with any queries or questions you may have. Simply send our friendly and experienced staff an email on or check out our FAQs page.